They are the people at the front of the aircraft, the first to board, the first to disembark. They were enrolled in the best rewards programme before most of us knew it existed.
They know the most efficient ground transport at their destination – be it a rickshaw or a boat.
Extraordinary travellers & guests are constantly productive, so they are used to making the most of unplanned interruptions to their agenda – there is no such thing as a »dead day« for them. Business-minded, they balance a bite to eat on the street with a new dining experience in the host city.
They see a glass of champagne in the lounge as a convenience rather than an indulgence.
They may be easy to please, but hard to surprise. But if you can make an impression on this type of person who sees a luxury location as an investment in productivity, you will win them as loyal customers who will even attract other supporters for you.
Let us share with you our understanding of integrated project delivery to make your location a lasting experience for exceptional travellers.